About Belize


Belize is considered both a Caribbean country and a Central American country. The main languages in this charming country are English, Creole, Spanish, and Maya. However, in this melting pot otherwise known as Belize, there are many other languages used such as Lebanese, German, and Mandarin. Belize offers you the greatest cultural experiences, foods, and travel.  

Belize is located on the isthmus of Central America – bordered to the North by Mexico, West and South by Guatemala, and to the East by the Caribbean Sea. Belize’s proximity to the United States making flying to this little country very easy. With daily flights from Miami, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta all year round and other seasonal flights throughout the year, Belize is closer than you think!

What makes Belize so unique? 

  • Belize offers the best of both worlds for those who prefer a “sea, sun, and sand” vacation or being closer to nature type of vacation in the Belize jungle.
  • Belize is home to the world’s second-largest Barrier Reef and 3 atolls in the Western Hemisphere(Lighthouse atoll, Turneffe atoll, and Glovers Reef atoll). 
  • From North to South, Belize has more than 450 islands. 
  • Belize is the only Caribbean country where you can find Maya ruins and is the only Caribbean country that was settled by the Mayan people. 
  • Belize is the only Caribbean country with a vast amount of wildlife
  • Belize is the only Spanish speaking country in the Caribbean and the only English speaking country in Central America
  • Belize is home to The Great Blue Hole, an underwater wonder of the world.