Welcome to Casa Al Mar: Your all-inclusive vacation home rental in Belize.

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Casa Al Mar is a private vacation home that can host up to 16 guests and is located 9 miles by boat from Belize City on the charming island of St. Gerorge’s Caye. Time stands still: there is no electricity (all homes are powered by generators or solar). Be overzealous in pursuit of a naturally socially distant experience, where your day can include a solo paddle at sunrise, a snorkel or dive excursion not far from the island and evening fishing; or just as easily, you can laze the day away in a colorful hammock to the soundtrack of wind in coconut fronds. The island is a quiet, rustic, unspoilt oasis and the perfect launching pad for all your ocean or jungle adventures in Belize.

Private Island Chef
With a flavorful Caribbean flare, all stays include three meals, a snack, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages such as water, coffee, tea, soft drinks and fruit punch.
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The House
6 Bedrooms / Min of 8 Guests, Max of 16 Guests
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Snorkeling, Fishing, Kayaking and More
Island-based tours are included in your all inclusive package with us.
Activities at Casa Al Mar

Our vacation rental includes:

  • Accommodations for a min of 8 guests and a max of 16.
  • Transfers to/from Belize’s International Airport to St. George’s Caye
  • 3 Meals daily and snacks made by your own private island chef
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Island based tours including snorkeling, drop fishing or trolling, island hopping, kayaking, swimming and more!
  • Private East / West side docks with a sunning deck
  • Private boat and designated captain with tour guide at your service for the duration of your stay at Casa Al Mar
  • Wi-Fi & Cleaning Services

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An Inviting Escape filled with adventure

Breathe in relaxation and awaken a sense of discovery in unexpected places, like St. George’s Caye in Belize. As a destination for those seeking life-affirming experiences, Belize awaits.

Casa Al Mar is ideally located to enjoy all the adventures one can imagine while being on the Caribbean Sea including: snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking or just swimming in the beautiful blue waters. There’s something for everyone who visits the island.